Monday, December 31, 2012


My trip to N & S Carolina

So ive been anxiously waiting to post about my trip to North & South Carolina! I planned this trip originally just for fun, but im actually considering the place now! Ive only been up here since Saturady, but Im absolutely IN LOVE! I landed in Greensville, SC and drove through to Raleigh, NC. It is COMPLETELY different than Miami! Ive always felt like I was a city girl with a country heart and the Carolinas are DEFINITELY fulfilling my expectations!!!

I definitely had to pull out my "Southern Belle" fashion for this trip, but added a few twists! I have to admit, I was a little worried these trousers would throw off my look with my pumps but I ABSOLUTELY love the outcome!

Im out here snapping pictures, but it was FREEZING! Well atleast it was to me lol. Im a Floridian and we never have weather in the 20s but I had to suck it up and get some shots done!

Hat: Walmart
Watch: Rolex
Top & Skirt: F21
Trousers: Walmart
Trench-Coat: F21
Pumps: Fashion Footwear

Hope you enjoyed the look! If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment! Id love to answer them! Happy Holidays <3

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Faster than a Cheetah...

Well, We decided to post again today, just as a special treat! Meet this amazing woman Famous! If there is ANYONE that knows what it is to be a fashionista, it would be her! I can honestly say women like her are the reason I got into this crazy world I love so much!!
She's a licensed cosmetologist, that honestly does the absolute best when it comes to hair! I die for her hair at all times! lol
Well enough about that...Check this outfit! She looks absolutely amazing! As you can tell, we have completely different dress styles but she rocks this To-the-T!

Top: F21
Tights: Fabulosity Boutique
Chain Belt & Arm Candy: Fashion Footwear
Shoes: Bare Feet Shoes
Malaysian Hair: @FamousBad


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looks A lot Like Christmas: Welcome Me to the Team!

Hello World!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I am super duper excited to be posting my first blog! So much is coming for me in the new year! I'll be starting a new adventure in my life!! Im possibly going to be moving! lol So excited for the things to come! Ill keep you all posted on that when it gets closer! But until then, enjoy my blog, & next blog ill be featuring my best friend/sister! Talk to you soon! ;-)

Well, I hope you all welcome me in! 

What's really funny is that when I bought this shirt, I HATED IT! I wanted to give it away without ever wearing. Now that I wore it, I got SOO many compliments for it! People couldn't stop harassing me for it!!!

Shirt: F21
Pants: Mad-Rag
Bag: Thrifted
Necklace: Lucky 7 Boutique
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

There's a funny story behind this bag! It's funny because it's not even a bag at all! It's actually a portable jewelry box I made into a bag! I loved the color SO MUCH I couldn't complete the outfit without it! My family kept stealing it every time I moved! Obviously they wanted it more lol


I LOVE finding things that don't break pockets! You don't necessarily have to spend boucoup dollars to look cute! This entire outfit is less than $50! lol 
Meet My Ride Or Die!  
Meilani Shaa-yae & Famous B

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